Healthy Mind..Do you have..?

every second ,every movement control or action by our matter how young you are or how old you are.our body need mind help to get action.Healthy mind give you more fast and good dissension.Sharp mind always make us aware about the thing around us and


It also help to solve our problem and make us more active for our protection.Mind help us in our protection no matter is health or wealth mind always save us from bad attack or give us good strength to get best action.its our primary duty to make our mind health in order to get success.people who has strong mind get more success and live richer and more fulfilling life.its prove the person with sharp mind get more famous in theirs area where they go.


Brain Exercise:Brain is like body muscle,if you workout daily then your muscle become more strong and grow.Brain also follow the same rule brain also need exercise to make brain strong and can get your brain exercise through using brain toward the work or make your make your brain active in some task.use it in your problem or critical situation.avoid use of calculator or or math by your self through out your can do crossword,scrabble,read daily news paper,solve puzzle,some good brain use video game.theses activities make your mind exercise and its become more active and strong.


Challenge your Brain.:Always try to do out of the box,change the habit of daily routine,try new and change your habit,go beyond your daily workout and learn new things and experiencing new things make your brain challenge.try to learn new things because its give you more knowledge about new things and when you try new things our mind try to capture or make it memorize the things.some time you can try to learn new music,try to speak new language these things give your mind challenge and it try to make memorize and its make our mind active.try to create in art .play chess and it make your mind more planing new place meet new people ,make long talks.Adding new thing in your daily life make your more happier and smart and it gives your mind more energy to work.

Fuel Your Brain :It means take all nutrition and mineral for your can use supplement pills or you can add some food which has the required nutrition and minerals.Try to get omega-3 from the help to reduce depression and stave off Alzheimer.Get Vitamin B complex from your daily food, these make your mind active and stay young.take enough Vitamin A its boost your Brain,Drink green tea because green tea has antioxidant and give more strongeness,drink plenty of water,it help to stay oxygenated.


Protect your Head:Always protect your head because if you get hurt in head then its more effect to our brain so always try to protect from injury.your can protect your head many ways and you need to know how to protect you head to avoid injury.wear helmet when you drive in bike ,play some sport,try to do some stunt,bicycling,skiing and rollerblading.Do not smoke ,smoking is very Dangerous for brain.Avoid Heat Stork always wear hat when you are out in hot summer.Stay Away from Drug its damage our brain functionality.there so many accident become out there and its hurt our brain so always aware about accident.

Think When You Eat:when its come healthy mind we should think to take healthy food to eat and we should think which food good for our mind which not we have take the food which help to improve our mind or make our mind fish its great food for brain because fish has more omega-3.take antioxidant food daily,star your day with avocado stuff meal because avocado has good fat and its help for increase blood flow to our brain.Do not forgot to eat fruit and vegetable.if your eat good your mind thing good and its help you lot.


Do Not Get Stress:Stress suck our lives no matter it is physically or mentally.Always feel stress free even we are in stress because we get afraid of stress.Everybody has stress and its natural but we should dont get it lead on us so we have to try to reduce can control your stress trough you emotion,you need to find reason why its happen and solve it ,you can take warm bath after your job because it fill you refresh and active.Always try to do 5 minutes meditation in morning.its give you strong focus and relief your happy is also great factor to reduce stress.Do not think on our problem all the time just enjoy your life.try to get bed early and take enough sleep per day, enough sleep refresh your mind and make you more active all day long.